Data Submission

We offer campaign participants two options for submitting data to Together 2 Goal®—entering information into our data portal or emailing a completed predefined Excel template to the campaign.

Data Portal

Log in to the Together 2 Goal® data portal and enter data directly into the reporting interface. For guidance on logging into and using the data portal, please consult our user guide.

Excel Template

Download the appropriate predefined Excel template based on your organization’s data reporting track:

Send the completed Excel template to For guidance on completing and sending the Excel template, please consult our user guide.

As explained in the Data FAQs, we do not request any patient-level data. For questions or problems regarding either method of data submission, please email

Reporting Deadlines (Basic and Core Track)

Reporting Deadlines (Basic and Core Track) 

Reporting Deadlines (Innovator Track - CVD Cohort)

Reporting Deadlines (Innovator Track: CVD Cohort) 

Reporting Deadlines (Innovator Track - Eye Care Cohort)

Reporting Deadlines (Innovator Track: Eye Care Cohort)