Our Team

Campaign staff are employed by the AMGA and its Foundation and are based in the Alexandria, VA, headquarters. We have decades of experience in population health, quality improvement, and public health campaigns.

  • John W. Kennedy, M.D.: Chief Medical Officer, AMGA; President, AMGA Foundation

  • John Cuddeback, M.D., Ph.D.: Chief Medical Informatics Officer, AMGA

  • Lisa Cornbrooks: Senior Director, National Health Campaigns, AMGA Foundation

  • Carolyn McPhee, M.P.H.: Program Manager, National Health Campaigns, AMGA Foundation

  • Isiah Jordan: Coordinator, National Health Campaigns, AMGA Foundation

We are privileged to work with a range of experts across three campaign committees - the National Advisory Committee, Scientific Advisory Committee, and Measurement Committee - who helped design the Together 2 Goal® campaign and guide its direction.

Our team can be contacted via the Contact Us form or email.