Have you exemplified leadership in improving diabetes care? Has your organization displayed a commitment to the Together 2 Goal® campaign goal, driving measureable results among patients with Type 2 diabetes? If the answers are yes, your organization is what we call a Goal-Getter!

And in the Together 2 Goal® campaign, we recognize our Goal-Getters. We share their successes—to not only celebrate them, but also to help spread best practices and lessons learned in diabetes management, empowering others across the country to tackle similar challenges and improve diabetes care through our campaign planks.


Stay tuned for more Goal-Getters to come! And if your organization is a Goal-Getter, we want to hear from you. Whether you have motivated patients, changed a care process, or leveraged IT by implementing one of the campaign planks to improve diabetes care at your organization, tell us your story by completing the Goal-Getter submission form.